Lion Bridge to Start Distro to Des Moines Area

lion bridgeNews from Facebook today that Lion Bridge Brewery out of Cedar Rapids will start shipping their award-winning beers to Cedar Rapids in the coming weeks. No specific date announced but here’s the info I got from Lion Bridge:

We are looking to roll out 15-20 accounts initially and make sure we can keep up and expand if possible. Probably in Des Moines and surrounding areas, Ankeny and Ames. They will be getting Work Comp, Disaster at Meux, Kölsch, some of the saisons and some of the barrel-aged beers. We are dialing in a more concise line up for 2016 with seasonals and specialties which we haven’t released yet.

We’ve been cautious with growth and wanted to make sure we can supply our home market and taproom before branching out. We are now ready to get on at some bars and restaurants outside of Eastern Iowa.

Awesome news for Des Moines! Drink it up folks!

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