Restaurant Review: Daisy’s Garage; Cedar Rapids

IMG_0059.JPGGive me Po’ Boys or give me death! Thankfully, Cedar Rapidians have a great place to grab an excellent po’ boy! Daisy’s Garage and Filling Station‘s shrimp po’ boy left me impressed and craving more!

Going out with some friends is always a good time and thankfully Kizz and Diesel are two friends who are willing to try new restaurants and enjoy a few drinks or ten. They called this place last night and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. Located in the old Butcher Block location (I think), Daisy’s has a cozy atmosphere, some fine tap brews, and a menu that has so many excellent sounding options that it was difficult to pick what to eat. This is my type of bar!

IMG_0060.JPGStarted the night out pleasantly surprised to see Royal Wee from Lion Bridge Brewing on tap. One of my favorite beers of the new year and a perfect sipper to get the night going. We decided to start with some appetizers you can’t go wrong with fried pickles. They were good, but the star of the appetizer show was the Oil Spill; a basket of fries topped with tender pot photo 1.JPGroast, pepper jack cheese, green onions, and brown gravy……PHENOMENAL! My mouth is watering as I type this! My wife and I then decided to just split a po boy. I’m a sucker for them and am always intrigued when I see them on a menu here in Iowa, but I have yet to have one that has blown me away. That all changed last night! The key to this po’ boy is the bread. You need that french baguette that has a little crunch on the outside and is soft and chewy on the inside and that’s exactly what this was, perfect bread! Fried shrimp, (a shit ton of fried shrimp), tomato, lettuce and a cajun remoulade with a side of slaw made this one of my favorite sandwiches in the area!

IMG_0061.JPGOur friends went ahead with the steam pot and had their work cut out for them. 1 pound of crab legs, sausage, potatoes, corn and potatoes. It takes a little work but you reap with benefits with some delicious crab meat! We washed it down witphoto 2.JPGh a few Turner Alley Pale Ale’s and you just sit back and smile after a meal that satisfying! Will I come back to Daisy’s? Hell yes! The difficult thing is going to be trying not to go 3-4 times a week! Check it out folks, great stuff!



7 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Daisy’s Garage; Cedar Rapids

  1. Kurt J. Noack says:

    Richard Pankey, owner of this restaurant and others stated at a recent symposium on the minimum wage that he was against raising the wage saying that employees have other programs to turn to ( By that I am guessing he meant Food Stamps, Section 8 housing etc …how generous of you Richard! He also stated that people who want more than the minimum should get further training ( You going to pay for that Richard? He also said that the Minimum Wage was not meant to be a “living wage”. ( Hmmm, well tell that to people who have to live on it Richard.) Do NOT patronize his restaurants! Kurt J. Noack

  2. Pamela S Rule says:

    Thank you for a great place Great food &great Bloody Mary’s We had the crab boil and added shrimp Delicious !!!!! Love it we will be back!!! Thank you Pam Rule P.S. Telling all my friend’s

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