Best of Iowa Beer Poll: IPA


With breweries popping up in Iowa I think it would be fun to see who everyone thought had the best of certain style categories that are represented at the Great American Beer Festival. Very proud and happy that there are so many great offerings. Obviously, due to location, some folks haven’t had certain beers so just vote on what you’ve tasted. Remember, this is IPA only, not double IPA, session IPA, pale ale, triple IPA, English IPA, Black IPA, Rye IPA, etc….just American IPA brewed in Iowa.

If a particular beer isn’t listed you can vote other or email me letting me know I missed something because chances are good I left something out. Vote for what YOU like best. For the brewery that wins I wish I could say I had a trophy or something for you….maybe I can get a medal made up or something, either all, this all for fun as I’m interested to see what people who read this blog or belong to the Iowa Beer Facebook group think is the best Iowa IPA. Discussion is welcome.  The first poll is BEST IOWA IPA:

India pale ale (IPA) is a hoppy beer style within the broader category of pale ale. The first known use of the term “India pale ale” is an advertisement in the Sydney and New South Wales Advertiser in 1829.

2 thoughts on “Best of Iowa Beer Poll: IPA

  1. Greg Booton says:

    You missed a huge malty IPA. BOONE VALLEY BREWING IPA. I’ve drank over half on your list including bling comparisons. The Boone Valley IPA wins every time.

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