Best of Iowa Beer: Imperial/Barrel-Aged Stouts


As our IPA (Big Grove, TG, Lion Bridge leading the top 3)poll continues on until next Thursday, it’s time to get another poll started! This time around we will be looking at the Best of Iowa Imperial/Barrel-Aged stouts. I believe the definition of an “imperial” anything is an ABV between 8-12. With this poll there are a few slightly below that 8% ABV but they are included. Once again, if I’m missing a beer please let me know. Also, for those who select “other” please comment on the beer you are voting for. Discussion is more than welcome as I’d love to hear what your gold, silver, and bronze beers would be!

I think the difficulty with this particular category is how hard some of these beers were to obtain. So vote for what you’ve had and liked the best!

Anyone know someone who could make up some medals? Wouldn’t mind having some to pass out to the winning breweries, not that they’d care, just think it would be cool to do. Vote on!

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