Best Non-Iowa Brewery on Iowa Shelves?

logoWith the addition of Odell this week and Firestone Walker’s imminent appearance, the shelves of Iowa liquor stores sure have a cramping issue! A great problem for us consumers to have this many options. So, thinking of the newest additions to the state I was wondering who everyone thinks is the best non-Iowa brewery on our shelves? I’m thinking their whole portfolio that we see, or if you just have a particular favorite. Who’s the best? I know we could get into an oversaturation conversation easily here and pick the worst, but let’s look on the brightside. Your favorite brewery on our shelves? Would love some discussion on this one! Let me know if I’ve left anyone notable out, cheers!

4 thoughts on “Best Non-Iowa Brewery on Iowa Shelves?

  1. Lost-in-Utah says:

    I picked Boulevard for sentimental reasons, but I’d agree with those voting Surly. Sort of related topic, Baron, but what’s your take on the ‘best beer from all 50 states’ list posted on mental floss? Any disagreements? They have TG for Iowa, Surly for Minnesota, Founders for Michigan, and Uinta for my current state of Utah. I’d agree with most of their assessments, but not all:

    • iabeerbaron says:

      Definitely agree with quite a few, but I there are some I haven’t had either. I think very highly of Founders and Surly and am thankful we get them in Iowa. I believe a trip to the homeland would suite you well Mr. Steele!

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