Lion Bridge Tapping Mushroom Beers During Houby Days; May 20-22

lion bridgeLion Bridge Brewery in Cedar Rapids will once again be tapping some mushroom beers during Houby Days. Houby Days is a yearly 3 day festival celebrating the wonderful fungus!  Two “mushroom” beers will be tapped that day along with more events during this fun weekend. Here’s more from Lion Bridge’s newsletter:

Mushroom Beers for HOUBY DAYS!

Houby Days is a yearly 3-day Mushroom Festival right here in Czech Village.This year is from Friday May 20 to Sunday May 22.

Happening all day: carnival rides, street food vendors, craft market, live music, beer garden in the LB parking lot, and two mushroom beers:

Chanterelle Disaster (Mushroom Porter, 5.8%)
Celebrate the glorious mystery that is fungus. Chanterelle mushrooms contribute a unique fruit character to our world-class porter.  It’s not Houby Days without a pint of mushroom beer!

Oyster Disaster (Mushrooms Porter, 5.8%)
You may have heard of oyster stout? Well, how about oyster mushroom porter. The unique briny character of the oyster mushroom pairs perfectly with our world-class porter. Embrace the Houby!

LIVE MUSIC  on Friday evening from “The Polka Kings of Walford.”

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