Eden Speciality Ciders Hitting Iowa Shelves Next Week via Abu Nawas Distro!

eden ciders.jpg

If you’re a fan of ciders you can start rejoicing as Abu Nawas has announced that they will be getting Eden Speciality Ciders and the distro for those will be starting next week. Here’s more from Abu Nawas:

We’ve been working for years to bring you the incredible cider from way, way northern Vermont. We are honoured to bring you Eden Ciders of Newport, Vermont
Eden produces a wide range of unique Ciders with the jewel of crown being their Ice Ciders–their versions are the most sought after and highly prized examples of this unique form of cider made in North America. It takes over 8 lbs. of apples to make one 375ml bottle of ice cider! We have all their offerings in limited stock! All are 375ml Skinny Tall Bottles. Heirloom Blend, Honey Crisp and Barrel Aged Northern Spy.
Another product from Eden that we are extremely excited about is the Orleans Aperitif Ciders. A Farm to Bar alternative to the more industrial European Aperitif Wines commonly used in cocktails. We will sell these as a mixed case of 2 bottles each of Herbal, Bitter and Wood. All are 750ml.
In October of last year, the United States Association of Cider Makers released a set of style guidelines for cider.  The purpose was to start providing some broad standards to a category that is nearly as diverse as wine and beer.  The intention ultimately is to give cider drinkers a better chance of choosing a bottle off the retail shelf or the restaurant menu that they might actually enjoy drinking. One key distinction in the guidelines is between ‘Modern’ cider and ‘Heritage’ cider.  Heritage ciders are made exclusively from apples – without other fruits, spices or non-apple flavourings.  Modern ciders are made from dessert variety apples, whereas Heritage ciders are made with heirloom and cider variety apples and are likely made with more traditional wine-making approaches. Because of the very limited supply, we are doing a mixed case of each of the Heritage Ciders as well as one bottle each of Eden’s flagship ciders: Dry Sparkling and Imperial Rose.
And Lastly, we have the latest addition which is Eden Authentic Heritage Cider in a Can. Hailed by the New York Times as “the best canned cider I have ever had.” Their words not ours, but we wholeheartedly agree. Made from 100% New England Apples, this off-dry cider is packed with flavor without the cloying sweetness of a lot of commercial ciders.  Refreshing, immensely drinkable, this cider will see you through your entire meal.

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