Big Drekker drop coming from Pequod next week!

Braaaaaaains Mango/Strawberry/Pineapple/ Coconut 
 a new Braaaaaaaains! We stuffed this one to the max with mango, strawberry, pineapple, and coconut then hit it with our double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, and vanilla beans.

Chonk – Raspberry Rice Pudding Double Fruit Sour smoothie

Our loveable hefty boi is back at it again and this time he’s after all the rice pudding and raspberries he can get his fluffy little paws on. 

Freak Parade – DBL IPA 
We packed this beast with an absurd amount of Vic Secret, El Dorado, and Mosaic hops and the result is a juicy citrus, melon, and stone fruit burst of pure radness wrapped in a pillowy soft bundle of awesome.

Braaaaaaains Strawberry/Passion Fruit/ Apricot – dbl fruit sour 
Braaaaaaaains that’s jam packed with Strawberry, Passionfruit, & Apricot. Then of course we hit it with our double secret smoothie treatment of sea salt, lactose, & vanilla so it’s insanely tasty and pairs perfectly with a warm breeze and a little sunshine.⠀

Involuntary Narcissistic Rage – DBL IPA 
INR is a Lactose Double IPA brewed with Vic Secret, Belma, and Huell Melon hops. It’s soft and creamy with flavors of ripe cantaloupe and floral strawberry, slightly sweet but with a nicely balanced finish.  

PRRRT These Days – fruit sour
PRRRTs These Days, amiright??? We’re bringing back PRRRTs These Days, a sour brewed with a huge pile of Sour Patch Kids®, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Raspberry, Apricot, Pink Guava, Pineapple, and Sea Salt for a flavor that’ll take you way, way back to the last time you ate Sour Patch Kids. Ok, so that was like an hour ago for us, but it’s still a cherished memory.⠀⠀

Slang Du Jour – Apricot Shortbread Fruit sour 
A brand spankin’ new Slang Du Jour! Apricot Shortbread Cookie Slang is stuffed with Apricot, Almonds, Shortbread Cookies, Granola, Coconut, & Vanilla Beans and it’s suuuuuuper tasty just like the dessert Tom’s meemaw used to make! 

2 thoughts on “Big Drekker drop coming from Pequod next week!

  1. Tom says:

    Headed to Des Moines this weekend for the Barn Town event. I know the drop isn’t until next week, but where’s the best craft beer store in town to look?

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