Tox Brewing, Stillwater/C.C. Filson Clothing Collab, and Blank Brewing coming from Abu Nawas!


  • Tox Brewing Digitox 6/4/16oz CANS – Hoptimally saturated Double IPA with Nelson & Citra. 8.5% ABV – CT
  • Tox Brewing Fugu 6/4/16oz CANS – Citra, Cashmere, & El Dorado IPA. 6.5% ABV – CT
  • Tox Brewing Ink – Dark Stuff 6/4/16oz CANS – Sour Ale brewed with Blackberry, Black Currant, Blueberry, Sweet Cherry, Plum, Lactose, & Vanilla. 6% ABV – CT
  • Tox Brewing Ink – Mixed Berry 6/4/16oz CANS – Sour Ale brewed with Raspberry, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, & Blackberry. 6% ABV – CT
  • Tox Brewing Placebo Effect 6/4/16oz CANS – We love our fancy craft beer like family, but sometimes even we just want to enjoy some yellow fizzy stuff. Delicious American Cream Ale. 5.2% ABV – CT


Over the past 125 years, Filson has been synonymous with outdoor-ready clothing and gear. And now, the Seattle-based company is celebrating like any 125-year-old should: with some beer.
Filson & Stillwater are cut from the same cloth. Both create products deeply rooted in tradition while constantly innovating. From Filson: “To celebrate the 125th Anniversary of Filson, we decided to break down the history into 5 unique beers, each representing a significant era of the catalogue. The first two are as follows…”

  • Stillwater Artisanal Filson – Rustic Gold IPA 6/4/16oz CANS – Starting with a crisp blend of pale golden malts and premium, hand selected hops from the Pacific Northwest. A standard foundation for most West Coast style IPAs, but to take you back in time and to dig deeper into the history of the PNW, they pulled inspiration from the Scandinavian immigration / influence during the turn of the 19th century. Kveik, a robust Nordic farmhouse yeast that was often dried after use for storage or passed to others like a bread starter. It’s a vigorous fermenter that produces unique citrus esters that we found to compliment the fresh pine and grapefruit notes of the hops. After fermentation, the beer is dry-hopped and packaged unfiltered for a bold rustic hop experience. 6.5% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater Artisanal Filson – Maritime Gose 6/4/16oz CANS – The historic German Gose style dates all the way back to the year 1000, but it wasn’t until the 1700’s that it gained any popularity. A slightly sour ale that consisted mostly of wheat and incorporated a light addition of sea salt. The style over time has come and gone, but the last decade saw a resurgence of the style throughout America and given its use of sea salt, seemed like the proper style to commemorate the Maritime era of Filson. For construction, they conduct an overnight souring process to the base before returning to the Kviek to complete fermentation. A tart wheat base with notes of citrus, pine & fresh grass and a dry, clean finish of pure Pacific Northwest harvested sea salt evoke elements of both land and sea. 6% ABV – WA


  • Stillwater Artisanal Ales Extra Dry 6/4/16oz CANS – Japanese rice saison brewed with Citra, Hallertau Blanc and Sterling. 4.2% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater / Dubfire Collab. Extra Loud 6/4/16oz CANS – India pale saison ale brewed with Japanese rice. 7% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater Artisanal Ales New Gold 6/4/16oz CANS – Lush and hoppy modern approach to the classic blonde ale. Heavily hopped with citra, galaxy & hallertau mittelfrüh. Fermented with farmhouse ale yeast. 6% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater Fruit Stuff (Fruit Punch) 6/4/12oz CANS – All natural tropic fruit punch sparkling hard smoothie w/ mango, passion fruit, pineapple, and dragon fruit. 100% real fruit gluten free/vegan 4.5% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater Double Fruit Stuff (Late Brunch) 6/4/12oz CANS – All natural sparkling hard smoothie w/ blueberry, peach, banana & açaí. 100% real fruit gluten free/vegan. 4.5% ABV – WA
  • Stillwater Double Fruit Stuff (Pink Thing) 6/4/12oz CANS – All natural sparkling hard smoothie w/ peach, pink guava, banana & raspberry. 100% real fruit gluten free/vegan. 4.5% ABV – WA


  • Blank Brewing A Fist Bump Yo 6/4/16oz CANS – DDH DIPA with Citra, Centennial hops. 8% ABV – CT
  • Blank Brewing A Plastic Cup. Your Glassware Is Too Bougie For Me. 6/4/16oz CANS –  NE-Style Pale Ale. Taking the pretentiousness out of beer, this one’s meant to be poured straight into one of those disposable cups. Go socialize with your friends! 5% ABV – CT
  • Blank Brewing Two IPA’s 6/4/16oz CANS – NE India Pale Ale with Mosaic Cryo hops and Simcoe. 7% ABV – CT
  • Blank Brewing Another Round on the House 6/4/16oz CANS – Imperial Milk Stout brewed with Cacao Nibs. 9.5% ABV – CT

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