Madhouse Brewing Belgian Golden Ale releases next week!

madhouseThe next part of the successful Madhouse Brewing ( Venture Series is due to hit Eastern Iowa shelves next week. Their summer seasonal Belgian Golden Ale will be making its way to Eastern Iowa. From the Madhouse Brewing Facebook page:

This Belgian Golden Ale features the Nelson Sauvin hop from New Zealand. This hop variety is named for its aromatic similarity to Sauvignon Blanc wines. This creates a complex aroma which mixes the spice and clove from the Belgian yeast with tropical fruit and citrus from the hops. This beer finishes clean and crisp to make it the perfect summer release. 

I’m really excited for this release as I’ve been exploring more Belgian style brews lately. Also, if you haven’t had their Maple nut-brown, I’ve seen some bombers still on the shelves. I really enjoyed that beer, give it a shot! Support Iowa craft beer!

3 thoughts on “Madhouse Brewing Belgian Golden Ale releases next week!

  1. tbrecht says:

    Some of my beer snob friends think this one is too “gimmicky” with it’s fairly chocolatey taste, and the folks at Beer Advocate were less-than-impressed. But in a world awash with IPA after IPA, I concur with your assessment that it’s nice to get an easy drinker that’s a bit different once in awhile, and this one really fits the bill.

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