Odell and Avery next to enter Iowa?

odellRumors flying on beeradvocate, specifically from BottleCaps80, that Odell Brewing and Avery Brewing will averyhave representatives in our great state next week trying to work out distribution deals to enter Iowa. Avery has been rumored since the beginning of the year and speculation with Odell has continued since they are in the Dakotas, Minnesota, and Missouri. With both of these big dogs in the craft beer world on the verge of entering our market, shelf space once again becomes a hot commodity in Iowa and more decisions for beer lovers is always welcome.

With that too, which breweries are going to get overlooked. There are a few that come to mind that I’ve passed up since they’ve entered our market but if both Odell and Avery enter, we have some the best options for craft beer in the country. A good problem to have for us, some breweries on our shelves might not be too happy. Cheers!

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