Abu Nawas drops this week: Evil Twin + Superstition Meadery

evil twin

Some tastiness once again coming from Abu Nawas this week. Let’s get started!


  • Evil Twin Learn What Is to Be Taken Seriously and Laugh at the Rest 16oz CAN – Hazy NE-IPA. 7% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Summer Cocktail Series Mojito 16oz CAN – Mojito style Sour DIPA brewed with Lime & Mint. 7% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Summer Sour Sun Saft 16oz CAN – Mosaic DIPA brewed with Black Currant  & Mint. 8% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Summer Cocktail Series Bellini 16oz CAN – Bellini style Sour DIPA brewed with Peaches. 7% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Even More Little Tiny Baby Jesus16oz CAN – Oatmeal Stout brewed with Molasses. 7% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Even More 6 lb 8 oz Newborn Infant Jesus16oz CAN –  Session Milk Stout brewed with Lactose. 5% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Brewing Even More Jesus 16oz CAN – Jeppe Legendary Imperial Stout. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Brewing Even More COCO Jesus16oz CAN – Imperial Stout brewed with Maple Syrup and Coconut. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Brewing Even More PECAN PIE Jesus16oz CAN –  Imperial stout with Pecan. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Aun Mas Cafe Jesus 12oz CAN – Barcelona brewed Imperial Stout brewed with Coffee Collective Espresso. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Aun Mas Chili Jesus12oz CAN – Barcelona Brewed version of Even More Jesus with Chili Peppers. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Aun Mas TODO Jesus12oz CAN – Imperial Stout. The amalgamation of every Aun Mas Variation. Brewed with Chili Peppers, Cinnamon, Cocoa Nibs, & Coffee. 12% ABV.
  • Evil Twin / Prairie Bible Belt 16oz CAN – A Collab of Epic Proportions. Bible Belt takes elements we love from Prairie Bomb! and combines them with Evil Twin Brewing’s world-famous stout, Even More Jesus. 13% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Apricot Compote Sour16oz CAN –  Sour brewed with Apricot, Cinnamon, & Brown Sugar. 6% ABV.
  • Evil Twin Rhubarb Compote 16oz CAN – Fruited Sour Ale brewed with  Rhubarb & Vanilla. 4% ABV.


  • Superstition Meadery Chocolate Marion 375ml Bottle – Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Cacao Mead.
  • Superstition Meadery Coffee Marion 375ml Bottle – Blackberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry fermented with Coffee Beans.
  • Superstition Meadery Tahitian Honeymoon750ml Bottle – Semi-sweet Mead made with Tahitian vanilla beans. Perfect sundowner in this honey wine fermented with Tahitian vanilla beans.
  • Superstition Meadery Blueberry Spaceship Box 750ml Bottle – A spectacular blend of sweet and tart, of apple and blueberry Mead Cider Blend.
  • Superstition Meadery Hera’s Orchard 750ml Bottle – The 11th labor of Hercules was to steal “Golden Apples” from Hera’s Orchard, which historians now believe were actually apricots. Our Apricot Peach Mead transports you to a hillside in late summer stealing stonefruit at the peak of ripeness. The Apricot Peach Mead in this bottle is a perfect balance of tart “Golden Apples” and sweet peaches.
  • Superstition Meadery Peanut Butter Jelly Crime750ml Bottle – They did it. They put a peanut butter jelly sandwich in a bottle. Some would say that this is a crime against all that is decent in the world of craft beverages, but this Peanut Butter Jelly Crime has yet to receive judgment from you, a distinguished member of the jury. So carefully examine all of the evidence provided by the prosecution, and consider the alibi of the defense, as you decipher the multifaceted complexity of the case. As you enjoy PBJC, don’t forget the toast!
  • Superstition Meadery War Honey 750ml Bottle – A blend of organic Ukrainian Sunflower honey and lemon, the War Honey is then prepped for battle thanks to an ample Simcoe and Citra dry hopping. Light gold with a deliciously crisp honey-lemon base, it offers a nice hop bite that adds citrus and floral flavors.
  • Superstition Meadery World Harvest 375ml Bottle – A sweet and complex delight made with AZ wildflower honey, Turkish Sultana raisins, maple syrup, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and dark muscovado sugar from Mauritius
  • Superstition Meadery Lagrimas De Oro 750ml Bottle – Mesquite honey- bourbon barrel-aged, gold medal winner at the 2018 Mazer Cup International.
  • Superstition Meadery Strawberry Sunrise 750ml Bottle – This semi-sweet mead is an ultimate expression of strawberries, honey, and vanilla.
  • Superstition Meadery Marion 750ml Bottle – Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry Mead. Gold Medal at the Mazer Cup International. A superstition Favorite.
  • Superstition Meadery Ragnarok 750ml Bottle – Wildflower Arizona Honey Mead. Authentic representation of the AZ Desert Terroir. Named for the future events in Norse mythology where a great battle and flood will occur, and the earth will be reborn.
  • Superstition Meadery Aphrodisia Batch 20 750ml Bottle – Made with Arizona Mesquite honey and California Syrah grapes, and aged for 12 months in American oak barrels that previously held White Series and Aphrodisia meads.
  • Superstition Meadery Aphrodisia Batch 21 750ml Bottle – Made with Arizona Wildflower honey and California Cabernet grapes, and aged for 12 months in American oak barrels that previously held White Series and Aphrodisia meads.
  • Superstition Meadery Aphrodisia Cuvee375ml Bottle – A specially curated blend aged in American oak barrels which previously held the White Series and Aphrodisia.
  • Superstition Meadery Berry White 500ml Bottle – Gold Medal winner at the Mazer Cup International, this sweet and rich drink is unparalleled in quality. The flavors in this wine reveal raspberry and white chocolate notes as you have never experienced.
  • Superstition Meadery Black Berry White 500ml Bottle – Blackberry tartness wearing a silky cloak of white chocolate awaits your lips inside this container of liquid art.
  • Superstition Meadery Blue Berry White 500ml Bottle – The sweetest of berries, the finest honey and subtle notes of white chocolate and balancing tannins await your palate in this fine craft beverage.
  • Superstition Meadery Straw Berry White 500ml Bottle – An American oak barrel-aged dessert mead made with strawberry and white chocolate.
  • Superstition Meadery La Petite Mort 375ml Bottle –  Barrel-Aged Belgian Dark Strong Mead with raspberries & cacao nibs, aged in Toppling Goliath Assassin Imperial Stout barrels. Meadery and in Iowa exclusive.

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